AboutChado Investment Promotion Agency – Chado IPA

We believe that When everyone believes something is risky, their unwillingness to buy usually reduces the price to the point where it’s not risky.

Chado IPA is a privately owned Investment Promotion Agency well specialized in “Economic &/or Investment Intelligence”

Chado Investment Promotion Agency

We go above and beyond your expectations by transforming and processing the Economic information into an Investment Intelligence.

Economic Intelligence is generally defined as any information related to forecasting and advisory services to assist entrepreneurs, financiers and government officials.
EI means smart information management in order to know, understand and anticipate the outside environment, (key competitors, rules, stakes, trends, country, industry and risk analyses...) to prevent risks, particularly in immaterial fields, and to exert ethical influence.

Whilst, Investment Intelligence armed you with enough weapons such us index analysis, market timing indicator, financial insights, in-depth research and analysis through a scientific approach to the edge of the actual investment promotion war.


Objective: Our main objective is to attract investment to a country, state, region or city. That is what we do and what we are the best at!


To be the leading Investment Promotion Agency which meets Organizations and countries’ needs...


We are guided by the following core values:


Code of Ethics: CIPA is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct


We are proud to say that our Staff is our competitive advantage. Who knows better Roma than the Romans