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Care services and/or capacity building

To use a private company analogy, the role of aftercare corresponds to the role of after-sales services, which aim to improve customer satisfaction and promote “repeat purchases”. The term aftercare has different meanings for us, ranging from creating new leads for a foreign company’s expansion, to accelerating the provision of land, to facilitating immigration papers. However, their ultimate goal is generally to maximize the contribution of foreign subsidiaries to local development.

The term “aftercare” means many things to the Chado Investment Promotion Agency.

He outlines the spectrum of activities, ranging from post-establishment moderation services to development support, to attract investment, encourage follow-up investment and achieve greater local economic impact. It must be determined by the point of view of what transactional companies need in the present and future and what the hospitality industry needs from international companies in their territory.

This is achieved by developing a structured service offering that includes administrative, operational and strategic support for the needs of transactional companies.

Supported by aftercare services, foreign investors can not only stay in one location, but also expand their activities or bring them further up the value chain.
A strong argument can be made for Chado IPA to get involved in aftercare.

First, it’s a great way to use our resources efficiently, as focusing on the established investors is more cost-effective than marketing a location to new ones abroad.

Second, aftercare services through IPAs can help realize the potential benefits of foreign direct investment such as technology transfer, local supply chain development, and further job creation. In addition, satisfied TNCs can also be good promoters of a host site.

Different types of aftercare services can be divided into three different categories:

administrative services;
Strategic services;
Operational services.

Administrative services

It facilitates the activity of foreign companies.

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Strategic Services

It influences the future direction of the company, the development of new skills and the corporate development path in the host region.

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Operational Services

Known as business intelligence, it supports the effective and efficient operation of foreign companies.

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