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Foreign direct investment is critical for developing and emerging market countries.

 Their companies need the multinationals’ funding and expertise to expand their international sales. Their countries need private investment in infrastructure, energy, to increase jobs and wages. FDIs inflows can play an important role in the development and competitiveness of countries. The impact of FDI on growth is expected to be manifold and its influence depends on the sector orientation and kind of FDI. Greenfield FDIs are considered to be more desirable for the host country because they point to new production, which leads to additional and new employment, brings new technologies, the know-how, a higher/better levels of efficiency, and productivity. This can have a positive impact on domestic firms, which can learn from them. Countries have conventionally been working to encourage the inflow of FDI because of the expected benefits of FDIs. They usually do this through a list of incentives given to foreign investors as defined in the laws for promoting investments (fiscal and financial incentives). Chado Investment Promotion Agency does design a tailor size fit strategy, adjustable to your needs, along with the necessary experience and the quality and sources of deal flows necessary to achieve the country host objective in terms of Inflows Foreign Direct Investment.

Foreign Investment Generation

Within an overarching strategy for improving the investment environment, investment promotion and facilitation can help to increase both domestic and foreign investment and to enhance their contribution to national economic development.

Success in promoting investment requires a careful calculation of how to employ resources most effectively and how to organize investment promotion activities within the government, as recommended by Chado Investment Promotion Agency so that the overriding goal of economic development through improvements in the investment climate remains at the forefront of policymaking.

Partners that have been involved with Chado IPA have experienced our strategy which is mainly above and beyond facilitation. Our scientific 2 steps scientific result driven procedure aim us to target sustainable FDI that contributes in terms of quality and not sheer volume alone.

I.Investment Targeting by industry

The type of industries that we do most often target vary considerably. The most commonly identified industries belong to the broad category of basic manufacturing, which includes such diverse activities as textiles, clothing and automotive industries

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II.Investment Facilitation

Investment facilitation is a set of policies and actions that seek to make it easier for investors to establish and expand their operations, as well as to conduct their day-to-day business in host countries.

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III.Image Building

A brand is a storehouse of trust that matters more and more as choices multiply. Chado Investment Promotion Agency has always applied this marketing insight to its Image Building core function. Our job is to transform the hosting country into a trustworthy and resonant brand among investment destinations.

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