Objective ·

Our main goal is to attract investment in a country, state, region or city and/or support the expansion of a secure business unit in Africa, and that's what we do and where we are the best!

We play an important role in attracting investment to developed countries; and have an additional advocacy function in developing countries where the investment climate is not entirely popular.
On the other hand, we collect and analyze information about market competition, scarce natural resources and strategic sectors, tradition, culture, as well as the structure and potential of each African nation to support the decision-making process of special services, diplomacy, foreign trade agencies and their overseas branches, multinational companies; Small and large enterprises (both public and private), etc.

Our mission is to create and provide accurate and up-to-date information to investors and technical support to help them adapt investment promotion strategies to the implementation of tailor-made business support services, reap the benefits of international investments and connect local manufacturing sectors to the global economy.

Just as we deal with foreign investment for development, we also focus on local, national and regional development investments.